Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

When i think about life, i see it as a rose. Roses are beautiful, everyone loves their smell and people use roses as a sign of love. However, roses have thorns and just like roses, life is beautiful and has thorns as well.

Basing on my personal experiences, you only realize that life is beautiful when you learn to put yourself first, in other words, self-love. Self-love may come naturally as a skill but in my case, it was a result of putting others first and forgetting to focus on myself, which eventually hurt me. That’s when i realized that putting myself first is important.



One thing I’ve realized is that the small things in life really do matter. Think about hooking up with old friends that you’ve not seen in a while. You cant wait to hear the good things they have to say about the time you haven’t seen each other. You cant hide the excitement of meeting once again. You make brand new memories and capture them with awesome groufies, thanks to technology our smartphones take perfect photos! Having good friends makes life easier.


Whenever i celebrate my birthday, i always thank God for being a year older. Isn’t that a blessing? Of course, it is! There’s always some good feeling when people wish you happiness and a longer life. Feeling the love from people around you and so on top of the world. Honestly, life is beautiful. Did i forget to mention the joy of our parents when we turn a year older? Priceless!

A simple compliment to someone makes you feel good about yourself. People will treat you better if you see the good in them. Afterall, there’s nothing good about having people think of you as a negative person. You may always get favors from being positive, who knows! The beauty of life doesn’t have to cost anyone a cent.

I love skating because every time i do it, i feel better about myself. Whenever i feel so out of order and low, i usually find something that would lift my spirit. So i think finding what you love doing will make you a conqueror.


Life is beautiful when:

  • You learn to put yourself first.
  • Make meaningful friendships.
  • Learn to be positive about life.
  • Learn to help others feel good about themselves.


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